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What exactly is an Americano

What exactly is an Americano? There are several ways to enjoy coffee, each with its own distinct flavour. Fortunately, there is a simple method to figure out what your dream coffee drink would be: a quick online search. Well, what exactly is an Americano? The earliest story describing the creation and naming of Americano dates back to World War II, when coffee was such a daily necessity for American troops. The average serviceman was going through about 32 pounds of coffee each year. …
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Difference between arabica and robusta coffee beans

Difference between arabica and robusta coffee beans Sipping on your strong, freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning, have you ever wondered what are the different types of coffee beans that are available in the market? That’s actually something to think about, isn’t it? What are the different variants of coffee beans? How are they different? Do they come from different plants?  All these questions are answered below, so coffee lovers, read on!  The two types of coffee beans Did you know? Coffee …
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The History of coffee in India

The History of coffee in India Indians enjoy a strong cup of tea. It has been enjoyed by almost all Indian generations over the years. However, as you are aware, India is a land of paradoxes. As a matter of fact, it is the world's sixth largest producer and fifth largest exporter of coffee, 30% of which is consumed locally. Now the question is, "How did this tea-drinking nation become so engaged in coffee?" Well, the answer lies in a legend! The …
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The Mystery Ingredient in Classic Indian Coffee

The Mystery Ingredient in Classic Indian Coffee If you’ve ever sipped on a hot tumbler of South Indian Filter Coffee and relished that distinctively nutty, irresistibly rich flavour, you’ve just identified chicory. Adding oodles of character, aroma and health benefits to your standard coffee brew, chicory is what sets Bean Good’s Indian Coffee leagues apart from the rest. An ingredient with a history as rich as its flavour profile, chicory has been a part of coffee brews for hundreds of years. Let’s …
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