Our Journey so Far

Our incredible team has been working with coffee for over 20 years, gathering expertise in every area of coffee – from plantations to packaging. Our singular focus has been coming together to create the next step of modern Indian coffee. Our passion lies in discovering what makes Indian coffee truly Indian – whether it’s sourcing from the oldest plantations to elevating our age old secrets of Chicory. Bean Good brings you the quintessential South Indian brew available to every coffee enthusiast across the globe, and offering the best blend of flavours in every single sip.

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How We Create The Perfect Brew

We know how important your cup of coffee is to you, and we want to make sure we get it right, every single time. So we take care of every little step—from the plant to your cup.

Our Products Quality

Bean Good is an experienced coffee manufacturer making top quality coffee, Indian brewed coffee accessible and affordable to the average consumer.

  • Instant coffee that is highest-quality, delicious and affordable
  • A way to elevate and upgrade the instant coffee experience

Bean Good’s coffee is:

  • Uncomplicated
  • Unpretentious
  • No-nonsense
  • 100% Indian

The Soul of Indian Coffee

The secret ingredient that packs a punch; Chicory is an integral part of traditional Indian coffee, and what sets the Bean Good Brew apart from the rest.

  • The Origin of Our Beans
    We source our beans from some of the oldest and most established coffee estates, from the birthplace of Indian Coffee – Chikmagalur. Indian coffee, grown mostly
    in southern states during the monsoons, is also termed as “Indian monsooned coffee”. Fabled to be the place where the first coffee bean was planted in Indian soil by Baba Budan, we are proud to say that the coffee beans we use have a rich heritage that can be traced all the way back to the 17th century.
  • Green Beans to Roasting
    Coffee beans have a grassy aroma when they are young and do not smell like coffee at all! With an elaborate roast profiling process, we create the quintessential flavour profiles of South Indian coffee, developing hundreds of unique aroma compounds that come together to give you that unforgettable, authentic brew. Our coffee beans and chicory roots are hand-processed with love, care, and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Degassing
    For a cup of perfectly brewed coffee, the key word is ‘timing’. When green coffee beans are roasted, a number of gases form inside them, resulting in small bubbles that detract from its flavour and aroma, leading to uneven extractions when brewed with water. Therefore, the ‘degassing’ process is all about giving the roasted coffee beans time to release their gases, while still retaining their crisp freshness and flavour profile. The ideal degassing time depends on a number of factors, and takes a great deal of patience to perfect.
  • Grinding And Blending
    We use the most advanced grinding and blending equipment to ensure that the purity and integrity of our ingredients are fully preserved, eliminating the need for any preservatives, additives, or other artificial ingredients. Our facilities are all industrial grade and have been designed to maintain world-class quality in every drop and grain.
  • Bean Good’s Signature Brew
    The secret to the perfect tumbler of authentic South Indian Coffee is Bean Good’s patented brewing process, blending premium quality coffee beans with our secret ingredient: chicory. This unique base concentrate combines our ground coffee beans with powdered chicory root. The mixture is then tamped into layers and drip-brewed carefully with hot water to create our signature Coffee Concentrate. Our advanced packaging facility ensures that our coffee remains fresh and vibrantly flavourful long after it reaches your shelves.

Happy Customers

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